Monday, Sept 1st

Late Registration 9:30~10:00am

Latecomers will be sorted into their groups, more icebreakers and cheers as we wait for all Frosh to arrive so we can start the day.

Frosh Olympics 10:30am~1:30pm

 Frosh groups will battle it out amongst our various obstacle courses and games. A barbecue lunch will be provided during this time.

Capture the Flag 2:30~3:30pm

Get ready to battle it out with the Residence students in a game of Capture the Flag.

Bigger and Better 3:30~4:30pm

Start with a copy of newspaper and see what you can trade it for…remember: the bigger the better!

Clean Up 4:30~5:30pm

Dinner and Clubs Presentation 5:30~7:00pm

Enjoy a nice sit-down dinner in McLaughlin Room with guest speakers from various clubs on campus.

Karaoke/Games Night 7:00~10:00pm

Jam out the night with your fellow FYNIRS, or enjoy a nice quiet night of board games!

Carnival/Video Dance 8:00pm~12:00am

This event is optional and is run by ResSoc. This is an event to bring students together for a fun and social night activity, which includes a dance and carnival.


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