Tuesday, Sept 2nd

Cheers and Games 9:30~10:00am

Various games are played while waiting for students to arrive at the start of the day.

Faculty Mixer & Campus Tour 10:00~11:00am

You will be sorted into groups according to your faculties and programs. A landlord will lead a tour around campus and answer any questions regarding academics and life in university!

Lunch at Leonard Cafeteria 11:30am~12:30pm

Get a chance to experience food at Leonard Hall Cafeteria.

Existere 1:00~3:00pm

Learn all about Tri-Colour life through this theatrical production made for you by upper year students! Meet the cast after the show!

Break 3:00~6:00pm

During this time students are given a break to go home, eat supper and change their clothes in preparation for the semi-formal Boat Cruise Dance.

Boat Cruise 6:30~10:00pm

Highlight of FYNIRS Orientation Week: end the 2014 Orientation Week with a dance held on the Thousand Island Boat Cruise! Semi-formal attire is optional.


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