The Lounge

The FYNIRS Lounge Address:

of the Queen’s Centre (aka Athlectics and Recreation Centre)
284 Earl Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 3N6

Since 2004, the central year-round home base for FYNIRS has always been the

Lounge. While the room has been moved around, the atmosphere is always welcoming.

Drop by, eat lunch, play some games or watch movies, catch up with friends, work on assignments…the FYNIRS Lounge is there!

The Fynirs Lounge has seen significant improvements in recent years. As of January 2010, the FYNIRS Lounge is proud to have:


  1. Seating: Seating for 15, including three large leather couches & a folding table for students to do assignments
  2. Music: A Speaker System with iPod dock
  3. Lunch Station: Microwave, cutlery, mini-fridge, kettle, toaster and a cupboard to store snacks and napkins
  4. TV and Games: HDTV, Blu-Ray player, 5 video game systems
  5. Workstation: Full Wireless Internet Access


The Lounge is a shared space for many
students not living in residence. Many students continue to visit the lounge even after their first year is complete, so it is a great place to

make connections and get to know new people! Please note that if you are in the lounge using its resources that you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. We all have to do our fair share to ensure it is a welcoming and accessible space for everyone!


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